Why are people objecting to the Nuke at Thyspunt?


Emotions can run really high when it comes to nuclear power. It seems that there is no middle grround, either one is a supporter of nuclear power or one is against nuclear power. The Jeffreys Bay and wider community have managed to bridge this divide and are opposed to the construction of a nuclear power plant at Thyspunt for very valid reasons.

The publicity received by the anti nuke protest held in Jeffreys Bay on Saturday has again raised emotions, both for and against the Thyspunt development which is near Oyster Bay. Here is why over 2000 people took to the streets of the surfing capital of South Africa:

The march in Jeffreys Bay was a community affair.
  • Pumping 6.3 million cubes of sand into the ocean will suffocate marine life and kill the squid industry.


  •  Dumping millions of gallons of superheated water daily will create an artificial, semitropical swatch of water in the area of the outlet.  Such an area will interfere with the normal existing current patterns.


  • The construction of various tunnels for the inlet and outlet structures of the Nuke will damage 54 000 square meters of ocean floor.


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  • The wetlands on the site is considered as a “one-of-a-kind” wetland system.  With interaction between the wind, sand dunes and water table.  It is the last active headland bypass dune system in the country.


  • It is extremely risky to build a Nuke on a system that is so active that the scientist has still not figured out how the different elements interact.


  • The site has got great heritage value – not only for the First Nation of South Africa the Khoisan community but also because it is very rare to get at site where a timeline of 1.5 million years can be followed.

 Should you be concerned by any of the above, then show your support and save Thyspunt. 

SMS “Supertubes” to 38665 at a cost of R 10.

No Nuke at Thyspunt is the call from Jeffreys Bay, the surf capital of Africa.

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