Prostitute robs businessman in J’Bay


Potential customers of prostitutes in Jeffreys Bay should be aware that they exposing themselves to getting caught by the Police if the girls are underage and losing the respect of the community they live in.

This warning was issued by W/O Els from the Jeffreys Bay Police who says that punters risk being assaulted,robbed and picking up sexually transmitted diseases.

A local businessman from Wavecrest became involved in a incident with a well known local prostitute who subsequently robbed him. After being caught red handed, she proceeded to assault him and the ruckus caused a neighbour to come and investigate. The Police were called but not suprizingly neither party wanted to lay charges. 

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Housebreakings have again flared up in Wavecrest with windows being forced open and entry gained through sliding doors. The past week hjas been a bit quieter than the previous week but residents are still are to be vigilant. Most of the houses were occupied at the time of the incidents.

(source: Kouga Express)

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