Locals star in Blue Crush movie


There will lots of excitement in Jeffreys Bay when the sequel to the Hollywood blockbuster Blue Crush is released on the circuit in 2011.

Local surfers Warren dean and Lyle Meek will both be playing a part in the movie. Warren and his wife Michelle own the Mexican restaurant in da Gama Road while Lyle is working hard, probably for the first time in his life after going overseas for awhile. Warren has been a stand out at Supertubes for many years now and is known for pulling into deep barrels at Boneyards. Both surfers were invitees to the Xcel Pro at Supertubes.

Lyle Meek @ Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay

Wayne De Lange, also from Jeffreys Bay has been directing the water photography for Blue Crush 2 and was working with Rosy Hodge, a professional surfer from East London who is the double for Sasha Jackson, the lead actress in the film. “It’s been a great experience being involved with the movie”, said Rosy. “Being paid to surf all day and hang around some cool people is literally what I am doing. I am having the time of my life!”

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South Afric'a top woman surfer Rosy Hodge looks like she belongs in Hollywood. Photo: ASP


Wayne’s crew of cameramen was able to get some good footage with the solid swell that has been running in J’Bay over the past few days.  Blue Crush caused much interest and growth in women’s surfing when it was originally released. The local surfers are probably not going complain too much if the surf breaks at J’Bay have more beautiful women surfers gracing the line ups in time to come.

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