A view of Main Beach…….from sea….

Winter returned to Jeffreys Bay with strong winds and cold conditons. The chokka boats pulled in close to Main Beach to weather out the storm that is brewing out to sea.

Main Beach from a different angle. Photo Clive Chamberlain

It cannot be comfortable sitting on a boat just half a mile from shore as night falls. Overlooking the lights from land and even the people going into Spur, there isnt even any fish to catch. Riding out the storm…….

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The land is so close to the ships sheltering off Main Beach. Photo: Clive Chamberlain

There is a call from a few waves tomorrow as well, just to add insult to injury to the surfers among the fishermen. They will be pulling up anchor tomorrow after a long cold night at sea, to go back to the fishing grounds when the wind backs off in the morning.

The view down to Point. Photo: Clive Chamberlain

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