Next CPF meeting in August


The Jeffreys Bay CPF has announced that the next general meeting will be on 2 August at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station.

More community memebers are still needed for the various Neighbouurhood Watches. These patrols have proved to highly effective in reducing crime in Jeffreys Bay.

Aston Bay in particular has enjoyed a massive reduction in criminal incidences taking place since the introduction of the Neighbourhood Watch system several years ago by Roy Riberio and a few other committed people.

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The patrols are to ensure a high visibility in an area to deter criminals. Flashing lights, high powered torches and car decals make the patrol cars very noticable and off putting for those with evil intent.

Some suburbs have patrols running all day long, while other start at night, depending on the crime trend in a particular suburb.

W/O Els can be contacted at the Police station in Jeffreys Bay for more information about the CPF and the Neighbourhood Watches.

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