Anti Nuke Protest march on 17 July in J’Bay

The Thyspunt Nuclear Alliance will be holding a protest march against the building of a nuclear power station at Oyster Bay.

The march will take place on 17 July and will start at the Billabong Factory Shop at 10H00.  The organisers request that people join in at 09H30 so that the march can start at 10:00.

There has been a request that everyone wear either a yellow or black T-shirt, which are the colours of the universal anti nuclear sign/symbol.

The influential environmental group, the Supertubes Surfing Foundation (SSF) has indicated that they will be supporting the march.

The SSF recently organised a protest at the beach where the Billabong Pro will be held later this month. Over 250 people formed a human NO Nuke sign on the beach as part of International Surfing Day. The event received widespred coverage on TV news and on the internet world wide.

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The Jeffreys Bay community have had their say: NO NUKE. Photo: Andre Lategan

With over 20 international TV crews in Jeffreys Bay for the Billabong Pro, the protest march is sure to receive even more world wide exposure about the feelings South Africans have about nuclear energy.

There are many reasons why the proposed construction of a  nuclear power plant at Thyspunt is ill considered. Not only will it cause the demise of the R 500 million per annum squid industry in the area but, according to the Impact Studies, will cause a mass influx of job seekers into the area. This influx will create a crime wave and bring the creaking social services like sewage and electicity to it’s knees.

South Africa needs a renewable energy policy to take us into the future. Renewable energy is the cheapest, cleanest and most logical solution to our energy needs.

The march will move off at about 10h00 and proceed to the Municipal buildings where documents will be handed to the Mayor. Participants are encouraged to bring their SA flags and vuvuzelas.

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