What is the Community Police Forum all about?


The Community Police Forum (CPF) is a legally recognized body that operates under an Act of Parliament.

 This means that every Police Station in South Africa must have a CPF.

 Every 2 – 3 years elections are held to vote for a CPF executive, who will manage the affairs of the CPF.  The CPF is a voluntary organization and people do not get paid for their services; rather it is a form of community service.



The CPF is formed by group of people, like NGO’s, Tourism bodies, churches, sport clubs, political parties, business forums, security companies, government departments, neighbourhood watches and other community organizations.  The local municipality is also a key role player within the CPF. Individuals may attend the CPF meetings as well, but could possibly not be eligible for election to the executive of the CPF.

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 The Police Force is required to work with the community to ensure their safety and security.  The CPF is a forum that brings together all the role players and the community can then have a say about what is affecting their safety or well being.

For example house breakings in Wavecrest spike periodically. The CPF would then organise with the Police, a joint operation where community members help the Police with high visability and stop and search tactics.  

Should a communities concern not be taken care of at station level, the CPF can go through the channels laid down by law in the Police Act all the way to parliament if necessary.


The first Monday evening on every month the CPF meets at the Police Station.  Every Police Station also has a Community Police Officer.  Inspector Els is the CFO for Jeffreys Bay.

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