Port Elizabeth Stadium – a Panorama


This is an awesome  panorama that local IT guru Anton Ekermans took at the World Cup game in PE when Germany played against Serbia.

33 original images were taken with a Nikon D60 with a 1/500sec shutter on ISO 720 and stitched together to form one image that was an incredible  35640 X 8985 pixels in size.

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The PE Stadium. This panorama is actually 33 pictures that have been stitched together by Anton Akermans

This version is greatly reduced in size/quality to 3097 X 500 pixels but the original is so detailed that you can almost recognize faces on the other side of the field! The missing pieces on the top right are literally photo size chunks where Anton didnt get a shot.

Anton is happy to share the detailed one with anyone interested, although it is a 42MB  JPG. He can be contacted on [email protected]

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