Thyspunt features on Carte Blanche


South Africa’s leading TV investigative programme, Carte Blanche did an insert on the country’s controversial nuclear energy programme last night.

Thuyspunt is the preferred site to build a nuclear power station by the national energy supplier, Eskom. However, the community of the wider Jeffreys Bay area are not convinced that Thyspunt is the right place to build the biggest nuclear power station in the world.

NO Nuke for Jeffreys Bay. Photo: Andre Lategan

Richard Cowling, an internationally respected environmental scientist has pointed out that the Thyspunt site is sitauted on a moving sand dune area and is highly unstable.  “The dunes move between 10 and 40 metres a year. This is a wetland, which is highly unstable”, said Cowling.

Studies haven’t been carried out near the Koeberg nuclear power station in Cape Town, but in Germany it was found that all types of cancer and leukaemia occurred significantly more frequently in the vicinity of nuclear power plants than in further areas, according to Carte Blanche.

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India is planning to generate 20 gigawatts of energy from concentrated solar power by 2020 – exactly the same amount of energy the South African government is aiming to achieve by 2020 from nuclear energy.

It is time for South Africans to insist that renewable energy become the foundation of the national policy to solve our energy needs for the future.

For the full transcript of the show visit Carte Blanche

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