International Surfing Day celebrated around the world


20 June has come and gone, and all around South Africa surfers got stuck in and lived up to the spirit of International Surfing Day.
Most of the country blazed in sunshine. There were initiatives big and small. Lank waves were ridden, and most importantly, everyone who participated had a jol.

Ticket to Ride graciously organized a free Learn to Surf day for underprivileged groms in Muizenberg, while the Waves S’cool of Surf combined their Coast to Coast tour with a beach cleanup and set the stoked lighties to work. Locals like Caitlin Moore and friends banded together and trawled Milnerton Beach for trash.

The  Supertubes Surfing Foundation organised a massive demonstration on the beach at J-Bay to protest against the proposed Nuclear Power plant at Thyspunt, while the Kowie Boardriders Club cleaned up their beach and raised awareness about the sewage flowing into their surf break. These are just a few of the things that went down on ISD.

Young and old were at the beach to say NO Nuke to Eskom including Dylan Lightfoot the up and coming J'Bay local. Photo: Alison Kuhl

And while the surf may not have been epic everywhere, there were certainly more than enough fun waves dotted up and down the SA coastline to keep everyone smiling.

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The ocean literally came alive in East London, with massive shoals of fish, dolphins and whales breaching around the Slummies beaches. Of course the landlord was in attendance too, and Nahoon beach was actually closed when a sizable Mako shark was seen getting airborne just beyond backline, and another one of the cheeky buggers chased a surfer in.

That didn’t stop everyone though, and a few of the (determined) crew still shredded the open walls or got some punts in safely along the beachbreak. Up in KZN, the fish were biting as well and ISD campaigners also enjoyed a few runners along with a pristine day.
All in all, it was just another special day to be a surfer.

Will Bendix

Check out all the action from ISD here

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