House breakings in Wavecrest


There have been two attacks on residents in their homes in Wavecrest recently.

The more recent attack took place last Thursday morning where the resident was enjoying the sunshine at home after the heavy rains we had experienced. The back door of the house was open and when he entered the kitchen he was confronted by an intruder who demanded money.

A knife was pulled and the resident, who is an off duty policeman had the presence of mind to run outside the house and into the garden where he picked up a rock and threatened to fight back. At this point the intruder ran away.

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In another incident a woman was woken up by 4 armed robbers at 5.30 AM on a Saturday morning. Knives and screwdrivers were held to her neck and throat and she was warned that if she kept quiet she would not be killed. She was gagged, tied up and dragged to a bedroom where she was assaulted in the face with a screwdriver.

Residents from the Waterkant area of Wavecrest have reported a adult male with an olive shirt and white takkies is on the prowl. He is demanded money and food. Please call the Police or your security company should you spot him or if you are confronted by him.

The CPF is busy putting a Face Book page together for the community where people will be able to share any criminal related activity instantly with the rest of the community.

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