Bafana Bafana makes the nation proud

Regardless of  whether South Africa advances to the top 16 of the World Cup or not, Bafana Bafana took to the field against France with defeat simply not an option.

Spearheaded by the find of the World Cup, Bongani Khumalo, “The Boys” refused to take a step backwards and defeated France in every aspect of the game. They also avenged that loss in the opening game of the 1998 World Cup when our French coach seemed to play right into the hands of the French team.

The Sunflower in Jeffreys Bay was packed with South African and foreign supporters all and cheered Bafana Bafana to victory. Photo: Jaconi Comley

Well done Bafana Bafana……you have made us proud. Even if South Africa do not advance to the next round we are happy you stood up to the challenge and stood tall. We were the better team against Mexico and we were better than France. Thats two of the top footballing nations on the planet. Things went wrong against Uraguay but  49 million people kept their faith and Bafana delivered tonight.

Adam Engela in the heat of the moment. South Africa defeated France 2-1 in the World Cup. Photo: Jaconi Comley

All across the land the goals were celebrated and South Africa erupted in joy as the final whistle blew. Our boys did it and the future looks rosy, not only for Bafana Bafana but for South Africa. Once again we have proved to each other that we can be united as one nation.

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Below: Our coach Carlos Parreira expains before the game how South Africa would win the game.


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