As a baby you rocked me gently as I slept

When my tiny eyes opened you blew bubbles in my neck

My giggles became laughs and my laughs turned to words

You became a father as the days turned into years

We played soccer in the morning and made paper jets at night

You walked next to me as I learnt to ride my bike

I love your cooking and the times when you showed me how to bake

The way we got in trouble with mom for leaving the kitchen in a state

On my first day of school you kissed me goodbye

Suddenly you realized how quickly time really does fly

You began helping me with my homework and many of those hard questions

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I hope you know you weren’t always right

But you did help me avoid a few detentions

As I reached my senior phase it seems we had more arguments

Over friends, relationships, school and prior commitments

We began our on going love hate relationship

But when I messed up, I knew you were the rock in my foundation

I gave you the silent treatment and a great loss of hair

You gave me patience, protection and a role model that I can say was there

You are a shoulder to cry on, a warm embrace, and my biggest fan

And I thank you for being my father, for being the definition of a true man

Tatyn Thuynsma

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