J’Bay surfers say: No Nuke on International Surfing Day

NO Nuke for Jeffreys Bay. Photo: Andre Lategan

The Jeffreys Bay surf community donned yellow and black T-shirts and hit the beach at Supertubes today to protest against the proposed building of a nuclear power station at Thuyspunt.

Surfers are concerned that the building of the power plant will affect the waves due to the sand that will be pumped into the ocean during construction that will also destroy the chokka industry in the area.

The line up at Supetubes looking a bit different today as protesters hit the beach to say NO Nuke for J'Bay. Photo: Jaconi Comley

Between 200 – 250 people formed a NO Nuke sign on the beach in Jeffreys Bay in the protest organised by the influential Supertubes Surfing Foundation (SSF).

Everyone wore black and yellow to the protest. Photo: Alison Kuhl

The SSF said they decided to highlight the risk to the beaches and ocean that the nuclear power station posed. “International Surfing Day is the day that surfers all over the world go to the beach and celebrate the Sport of Kings as well as highlight problems that the beaches face”, said Brenton Williams from the SSF.

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Supertubes beach was the place the J'Bay surf community celebrated International Surfing Day. Photo: Nick Melck

Surfers are also concerned that the beaches will become unsafe should there be a mass influx of job seekers into the area. “We have worked hard to secure the Supertubes park and fear that more unemplotyed people roaming the beach will lead to an increase of crime and will affect the surf tourism industry in Jeffreys Bay said the SSF.

Young and old were at the beach to say NO Nuke to Eskom. Photo: Alison Kuhl

The Supertubes Surfing Foundation wished to thank everyone who came down to the beach to take part in the protest and be part of International Surfing Day in Jeffreys Bay.

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