U2….I still havent found what I am looking for


Live from Milan in 2009, U2 still know how to rock an audience and on their latest around the world tour they did exactly that. Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry  have mellowed out from those  passionate young Dublin lads who knew they had a message to elder statesmen of the rock world.

The intensity of the Rattle and Hum days is sadly gone forever and it has to be accepted that the crew from Dublin are pushing 50 years of age now. Bono doesnt seem to hit the same notes with his voice as he used to, but should they ever return to South Africa, I will be found in the Golden Circle yet again.


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And lest we ever forget the days when U2 stode into the mainstream of rock music with their music and their message and a long haired Bono prowling the stage arm in a sling, here is U2 live from Madison Square Gardens 0n 11 March 1987 with the New Voices of Freedom.


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