No Nuke for J’Bay on International Surfing Day


The surf community in Jeffreys Bay will be joining in the International Day of Surfing to be held on Sunday 20 June 2010.

The concept was born in 2004 when the Surfrider Foundation and Surfing Magazine started the International Day of Surfing to celebrate the sport of Kings and to highlight threats to the oceans and beaches around the world.

Zig Zag, the official mouthpiece for surfing in South Africa will be spearheading the day in the country and will be supporting organizations like the Supertubes Surfing Foundation (SSF) who will be organizing an event in Jeffreys Bay.

Kelly Slater is anti the proposed nuclear plant at Thuyspunt and signed the SSF petiton in 2008. Photo: ASP

According to Deon Lategan from the SSF, the biggest threat facing surfers and the ocean in Jeffreys Bay is the proposed nuclear power plant at Thuyspunt. “As surfers we are concerned that Eskom seems to be pushing ahead with this nuclear plant without taking into account the negative consequences it will cause for our community,” said Lategan.

The SSF invites all, whether you are a surfer, fisherman, shell collector or just enjoy taking a stroll along the pristine beaches of Jeffreys Bay to join in on Sunday at the Supertubes Beach at Pepper Street.

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Location :      Beach in front of Supertubes surf break at Pepper Street

Time :               12pm

Bring:               Surfboards, wetsuits and a black or yellow t-shirt

 Activity :     

Create a “NO NUKES” sign out of all surfers and surfboards for a double page photo spread in the Zig Zag  surfing magazine

"No Nuke" say the surfers and ocean users from Jeffreys Bay

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