Improve your health with OZONE


Our bodies need oxygen to survive and can become deprived of adequate levels of oxygen through improper breathing, polluted air, inadequate nutrition, junk foods, and stress.

The Poli Clinic  in Jeffreys Bay now offers Ozone treatment to those suffering from a number of ailments. The Steam sauna cleanses the body from toxins from the combination of activated oxygen and steam therapy.

The Ozone sauna

The benefits one can obtain from an Ozone treatment are numerous according to physiotherapist Yolanda Oosthuizen and include:

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  • Enhancement of circulation
  • Stimulation of oxygen metabolism
  • Inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts and protozoa
  • Formation of Peroxides
  • Activation of the immune system

Yolanda added that people suffering from recent heart attack, recent internal bleeding, hyperthyroidism and alcoholic intoxication or if pregnant are not allowed ozone treatment.

For more information visit www.policlinic.co.za

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