Soccer fever at J’Bay Primary School


Jeffreys Bay Primary held a soccer day yesterday in support of the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup. The students came dressed up for the occasion and all want Bafana Bafana to beat Mexico on Friday. The vuvuzela’s were heard blocks away as J Bay Primary got into the spirit of the World Cup

Bring in on. Will the vuvuzela defeat Mexico on Friday? Photo: Tanja Loods

Soccer fever is reaching all time heights in South Africa as the biggest show on earth gets set to kick off.

CAN YOU FEEL IT? Photo: Tanya Loods
YES I CAN: Photo Tanya Loods

Ryan Lightfoot can be seen below in full Bafana Bafana kit. Ryan supports the South African soccer team whenever he is not charging Lower Point on his surfboard.

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Ryan Lightfoot exchanges sun block for war paint as he gets ready to shout for Bafana Bafana in the opening match of the 2010 FIFA soccer World Cup against Mexico


Rosie Loods won the best dressed Grade 4 pupil with these really funky socks. Photo: Tanya Loods

Rosie is a staunch Bafana Bafana supporter and believes that South Africa can win the World Cup. Let’ s hope she is right. Bring it on……….

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