Lewis Gordon Pugh – the human “Polar Bear”

Doing what no human being has ever achieved takes a very special person. One who can believe in himself and the task at hand. Taking on the odds of surving a 1 K swim in 2 degree water high up on Mount Everest and swiming at an altitute of 5 300 m .

Lewis Pugh swam the 1km across Lake Pumori at an altitude of 5,300m under the summit of Mt Everest.   It took him 22 minutes and 51 seconds.

This incredible swim was accomplished because Pugh created a frame of mind that said that he could do it.  He did it because he was able to physically do something that, before now, everyone said was impossible.

 He did it because he has a great team behind him.  And most of all, Pugh did it, because he cares about what is happening to the planet as a result of global warming.  


He has demonstrated that the strength of the human spirit can overcome even the most adverse conditions.  

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On a training swim two days prior to the actual swim Lewis, while trying to swim 300m, almost “went under” twice.  That is less than 1/3rd of what he actually accomplished.

On the 23 May 2010, Pugh pulled off the swim in the traditional manner: goggles, cap and speedo. Watch the Mount Everest footage on his website

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Above: The melting glaciers of Mount Everest that supply water to 1.1 billion people

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