Supertubes Surfing Foundation is protecting our beaches

Driving past the Supertubes Park in Da Gama Road Jeffreys Bay, one cannot miss the changes that are happening in the area.

Since Pepper Street became developed and surfers lost their parking spot, the parking area above the toilets in the Park situated in the dunes behind Supertubes had become a dust bowl.

The top car park gets a make over by the Supertubes Surfing Foundation

The Supertubes Surfing Foundation (SSF) has resurfaced the car park which is now an asset to the town and provides a comfortable look out spot for surfers and the general public.

According to Alison Kuhl, from the SSF, many people have commented favourably on the upgrades that have been taking place. “We have fenced in the Park to protect the area from the bush dwellers who camp illegally in the park and who have scant respect for the environment”, said Kuhl.

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“Five gates were also erected and these are opened every morning at 08h00 and closed at 17h00 in the evening. The meerkatte and blue duikers are more protected now, as is the ancient shell midden behind the Rescue Centre”, added Kuhl.

The Supertubes Park has been fenced to protect the indigenous bush

The SSF which is the umbrella body representing the surf clubs and the surf industry in Jeffreys Bay first became involved with protecting and upgrading the beaches of Jeffreys Bay in 2000 when Koffie Jacobs and Jackson Pennington could be found carting aloes, which would have been destroyed on development sites, and relocating them to the dunes overlooking the surf breaks.

Stanley Badger tucking into a Supertubes barrel

Sadly Jackson passed away in 2009 after he contracted TB. “Jacko” as he was affectionately known was a well known face in Jeffreys Bay and had a deep knowledge and understanding of indigenous plants. A bench in honour Jackson was erected in the Park.

The bench that has been erected in memory of Jackson Pennington

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