Anti Crime protesters take to streets in J’Bay

Nearly 150 residents of Jeffreys Bay took to the streets today to voice their protest against the high crime rate in South Africa. The march was part of a country wide outcry to highlight that citizens of the country are not safe in their own homes.

The marchers who took to the streets in Jeffreys Bay today. Photo: Jaconi Comley

The protestors met in front of Spur and wound their way down Da Gama Road to the Police Station where they handed over their memorandum. Colonel Ntsabo the Station Commissioner of the Jeffreys Bay Police Station received the memorandum.

One of the demands contained in the memorandum makes a lot of sense in the greater South African context. “Make private expenses incurred for crime prevention tax-deductible”, will strike a chord within South Africans who are “gatvol” with crime and have to pay for private security companies to ensure they are safe within their homes.

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Da Gama Road came to a standstill during lunch time today. Photo: Jaconi Comley

However, it is doubtful that the Government will easily allow a cash cow like the private security industry to become tax deductible or even attract a zero vat rate like in some overseas countries.

Dean Gilbert (far left) organised the march. With him are Colonel Ntsabo and W/O Els from the Jeffreys Bay Police. Photo: Jaconi Comley

Tens of thousands of people joined the protest country wide. The march was organized by the Solidarity Trade Union. The number of marchers fell short of the 150 000 protesters hoped for by the organizers.

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