Gruesome road accident in Jeffreys Bay

A serious road accident involving a security company vehicle and a 17 year old student on a motor bike occurred in Da Gama  Road on Friday night.

The young man who was driving the bike was seriously injured. The Jeffreys Bay Police are investigating a case of reckless and negligent driving.

All that remains of the horrific road accident in da Gama road are the skid marks

The number of reported cases of crime to the Jeffreys Bay Police has remained low over the past week.

All the suburbs are quiet in terms of house breakings and there were a few cases of assault and robbery in Pellsrus and Ocean View.

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The Police made a number of arrests involving the cases reported over the weekend with 8 “A” and 23 “B” arrests being made.

A meeting will be held at the Police Station on Friday to address the growing tension between two of the gangs in town. According to the media liaison officer of the Police, WO Petra Els there is concern that gang violence can again rear its ugly head in the town. “We are taking a pro active approach and want to stop the trouble before it starts”, said Els. “All the relevant role players including community leaders have been invited to attend”.

The Jeffreys Bay Police have also requested that the public take note that the J’Bay Trauma Center is a standalone entity and not associated with “On Eagles Wings”, a private ministry. Captain Botes of the SAPS has recently been voted in a chairperson of the Trauma Center, which she will manage in her private capacity.

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