Accident Victim in crucial condition

The young man who was involved in the accident in Da Gama Road on Friday night has been identified. Alistair Glenn was riding on his motor bike when he was hit by a car and severely injured.

Alistair has been stabilized but has a badly broken leg.  His shoulder blade is broken and he has a neck injury as well. His hip is also cracked. Alistair lost 6 pints of blood before the doctors could stabilize him.

The family has requested Louisa Lightfoot to handle all the queries about Alistair’s condition and she is sending sms updates on a regular basis. Send Louisa an sms on 0826572780 and ask her to keep you updated should you know Alistair.

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Alistair has been completing his plumbing trade and has been a resident of the town for many years. His dad, Dennis is on his way back from Poland to be with his son. Younger brother Wayne is a student at Woodridge College.

jeffreysbaynews.com wishes Alistair all the best and as a community we hope and believe that the operations will be a success.

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