jbaydentist.com sponsors mouth guards for Daniel Pienaar Rugby XV.

The 1st team of the powerful rugby school Daniel Pienaar visited jbaydentist.com for impressions of their teeth in the first phase of the manufacturing of their personal mouth guards.

Isabeau Joubert (Dentist), Sikhumbule Nkonyeni (Dental assistant), Lynette Kaschula (Practice manageress) were busy all afternoon with preparation of the mouth guards for the team.

Mouth guards are essential for the prevention of tooth fracture and injury as well as the prevention of concussion in all contact sports.

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Daniel Pienaar rugby XV receiving their sponsored mouth guards

It was a happy vibe prevailing at jbaydentist.com even though some of the burly rugby players were scared that they would  receive injections and the day was ended off with a picnic on the lawn in front of the practice with food and beverages sponsored by Victor’s Shoe Den.

Isabeau said afterwards that she was thankful the big rugby players were on their best behavior and that jbaydentist.com wished the team every success in their upcoming rugby season.

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