Ryan makes it two in a row at the Xcel Pro

After an excellent day of surf at Supertubes, local favourite and 2009 winner Ryan Payne emerged victorious at the Xcel Pro Showdown @ Supertubes 2010. Ryan was seeded into the second round of the event as a result of last year’s win, and charged all the way through to the final where he came up against Remi Peterson, and went to town on the perfect walls and barrels as only Supers can provide.

Ryan Payne carved his way to victory in the 2010 Xcel Pro at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay. Photo: Louis Wulff

Goofy-foot Remi put up a good fight on his backhand but it was Ryan who showed his skills to take his second victory in a row from the younger Peterson. Ryan scored a few good barrels on the set waves, and pulled off a massive grab-rail cutback that had the crowds assembled on the walkway cheering in support.

“Thanks very much to Xcel Wetsuits and to everyone involved in this contest,” said Ryan on the beach afterwards with his first prize trophy in hand. “It’s definitely the best event I have ever surfed in, and it will be for the rest of my life.” Ryan went on to dedicate the victory to his grandfather, Peter Milne who passed away in January. He also thanked Cheron Kraak for the surfboards and much to the delight of the local surf community; Ryan immediately donated the R 5000 cash he won to the Supertubes Surfing Foundation.

Ryan dedicated the win to his late grandfather Peter Milne and donated his R 5000 winnings to the Supertubes Surfing Foundation

“That was a great performance from Ryan” said Xcel’s Koffie Jacobs. “Everyone surfed really well today. It happens when you get to surf perfect waves at Supers. It lifts your game.”

Winning the Best Barrel of the Contest award and R5000 from Island Pacific for a seemingly impossible backhand barrel in his semi-final against Warren Dean was Remi Peterson.

Taking off on a smaller wave midway during the heat, Remi pulled into the barrel and was gone for so long that most spectators looked away, thinking that he had fallen off, before he emerged cleanly to the disbelief of the onlookers. The wave saw him awarded a score of 9.5 and a berth into the final. Remi went on to pocket another R 5 000 for The Best Junior Surfer award from Island Pacific, bringing his total earnings for the day to R10 000.

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There were some big sets at Supertubes for the 2010 Xcel Pro

The Best Wave Award went to perennial local surfer Warren for his efforts on a set wave in an early heat, and the Best Move Of The Contest went to Dale Staples from St Francis Bay.

As a result of his event win, Ryan Payne was also awarded a much-coveted slot in the Von Zipper trials, the precursor to the Billabong Pro Jeffreys Bay, scheduled for July 15 – July 25.  The winner of the Von Zipper Trials wins a slot into the main event of the Billabong Pro.

The Xcel Pro was filmed by Silver Bullet productions. DaKine, Fire Wire, Nixon, Sector 9, Von Zipper, Kustom and Island Pacific were co-sponsors, and JBU was in charge of event safety. In Step Leather Boots, Power Balance, Debonairs Jeffreys Bay and Red Bull supported the event.

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