Has the property market turned the corner?

There are many different economic forces at play in the property market and the face of the property clock shown below can be used to indicate where the market is at any given time.

Typically, there are good times to buy property and bad times. The same goes for selling. Knowing where you are in the property cycle can help you make strike the best deal when you are selling, or snap up that bargain purchase.

There are four distinct stages that the property market goes through. These are represented in the property clock. They are a peaking market, falling market, stabilizing market and a rising market.

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According to Grant Comley from Insight Properties, the Jeffreys Bay property market is moving into the rising market stage and that now is the best time to snap up bargains.

“The interest rate has been cut once again and the distressed stock in the market is in the process of being absorbed”, said Comley.

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