Xcel Pro on hold until next week

Despite a building swell, the Xcel Pro Surf Contest organizers have decided to extend the waiting period into next week.

According to contest director Koffie Jacobs, the swell size is looking promising but the wind maybe a bit too west for optimal Supertubes. “We are looking for a combination of the right swell direction and size as well as the right wind direction to ensure Supers will be firing”, said Jacobs.

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“There is another cold front expected later on the weekend and a call will be made then”, added Jacobs. Jeffreysbaynews.com will be providing up to date information regarding the status of the J’ Bay locals only contest.

Stuart Shelver and Craig Els are stoked with their invites to the Xcel Pro which will be held in big and optimal Supertubes during the month of May. Pictured with them at the opening function is Helen Shelver.

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