House Robberies continue in Wavecrest, Jeffreys Bay

Housebreakings are still occurring in Wavecrest, with Mimosa Street being very active in the past week. Poplar Streets and Tamarisk Streets have also been targeted.

The weekend saw a number of housebreakings take place.  The Police arrested 4 suspects in connection with this crime in Wavecrest; however it is evident that there is more than one gang operational in the suburb.

Residents are urged to become more vigilant as many of the thefts that have occurred could have been prevented if windows had been closed, doors locked and possessions were not left unattended.

There was a break in at the Aston Bay Hall as well, the first activity in this suburb for quite some time.

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Ocean View is still experiencing house breakings.  There has been a bit of activity in C Place with Aandblom Street being one of the targets.


The CPF will be holding a joint operation on Friday 30 April with the Police and the Neighbourhood Watches in an effort to combat housebreakings.  Even if you are not a member of a Neighbourhood Watch you can still join the operation which will begin at 8 PM at the Police Station in Jeffreys Bay.  Everyone will meet in the car park opposite between Neptune’s Terrace and the Police Station.

The various sector managers can be contacted for the Sector specific operations that will take place during the evening in conjunction with the CPF operation.

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