Robbers target cell phones and laptops in Jeffreys Bay

Housebreakings are again occurring with regularity in Jeffreys Bay.  The suburbs being hardest hit are Wavecrest and to a lesser extent Ocean View.

Pagoda Street was the hot spot in Wavecrest while other housebreakings took place in Noorsekloof and Leadwood Streets.

The majority of housebreakings are taking place after midnight with cell phones, lap tops and easily movable articles being the sought after targets. This is in line with the country wide trend.

Unfortunately this also indicates that houses are being broken into when they are occupied which is concerning.

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Theft out of motor cars remains a problem in Jeffreys Bay and residents are urged not to leave possessions in easy view, especially when parking in J’Bay Central. There have also been a few businesses that have been the target of burglars in the past week in the CBD area.


Aston Bay and Paradise Beach remain quite crime wise and crime is also limited in C Place at present. The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) wishes to thank the Neighbourhood Watches for their hard work and dedication in keeping these suburbs relatively crime free.

The CPF monthly meeting will take place on Monday 3 May at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station.  All community organizations are invited to attend, as well as individuals who have an interest in keeping Jeffreys Bay free from criminals.

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