Invitees Announced For Xcel Pro Showdown At Supers

The list of names for the Xcel Pro 2010 has been announced. There are some old faces, some new faces and some young blood amongst the invited surfers, with every one of them having a solid track record at Supertubes.

The Xcel Pro Showdown At Supers is an invite-only event and the criteria to be invited is that the surfer knows his way around the Supers line-up and has stood out whenever the waves have been firing. Obvious inclusions are last year’s finalists, being Ryan Payne, Warren Dean, Deon Lategan and Stan Badger.

Suoertubes in a surly mood. The Xcel Pro will be held in optimal conditions i.e. perfect, big Supertubes

“I’m super stoked and privileged,” said Lategan on news of his inclusion into the event. “It’s definitely a prestigious event, so to crack the nod is special. Obviously the chance to surf Supers with three other guys is great, but the fact that it brings the community together for a fun day full of stoke is so lekker too,” added Lategan. “I think that it’s right that a Supers specialist gets into the mix at the Von Zipper trials and this event provides that platform.”

Junior surfers who have been going hard and pushing it whenever they can and are thus included in the invited list are Steven Sawyer, Dylan Lightfoot, Bertie Stuurman, Dominique Abersalie and Remi Peterson.

Local surfers and perennial Supers stand-outs Ashley Walters, Stuart Shelver and Ari Kraak Jnr have also been included. These surfers are seasoned Supers locals and know her every mood.

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New blood is in the form of Lyle Meek,  Dale Staples and Pablo Thysman, with the alternate surfers being Dane Morris, Keane Hansen and Daniel Jeggels.

“I’m confident that we chose the correct surfers for the event,” said Xcel’s Koffie Jacobs. “We have a cross-section of surfers who all have one thing in common – they rip at Supers, and that was the selection criteria.”

The new format and heat draw will be announced at the opening function on the 29th of April at the Mexican Restaurant in Jeffrey’s Bay.

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