Dominique Absersalie beat Bertie Stuurman in the Quiksilver Future Stars surf event in Durban yesterday.  This means Dominique has won a wild card to surf in the Quiksilver Pro Junior event taking place at North Beach in Durban.

Afterwards Abersalie said the final went down to the wire.  “It was the last few minutes of the heat, and I saw this good wave coming. I paddled hard for it, caught it and just went straight into a round house move. It formed nicely and I managed to do four more good moves on the wave and get the highest score of the final.”

Both Abersalie and Stuurman come from Pellsrus in Jeffreys Bay and have been surfing for nearly ten years now.

Bertie Stuurman from Pellsrus powering in the Quiksilver Pro Junior taking place in Durban. Photo: Greg Ewing

Junior Springbok surfer Dylan Lightfoot also set Durban ablaze by scoring the highest score in the first round in the King of the Groms contest. “I had a good wave early in the heat. It was a small one, but had a nice section and I did a little air move at the end and got a good score,” said Lightfoot.

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“Towards the end of the heat I picked up another good wave, just off the pier. I did a few little turns on the outside and raced towards the end section and went for a big double-grab air and made it. I was pretty stoked, and the judges gave me an 8.5 and that saw me win the heat.”

The contest continues in Durban today.

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