Gruesome attack in Aston Bay

Around 02.15 am on Saturday morning an intruder entered a house through a window in Aston Bay and was prepared to attack the inhabitants.

Armed with a knife the would be robber stabbed both the sleeping owners of the house and eventually made his escape by jumping through a glass window. Members of the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch who live in the street realized something was amiss as their dogs were barking furiously and when they heard screams they rushed to assist.  Despite a warning shot being fired, the assailant run in between a town house complex to make his escape from the scene.

The Jeffreys Bay Police were in Aston Bay to assist within minutes, assisted by the Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) who had over 40 members involved with a combined anti crime operation in the town.

The Dog Unit who has moved to Humansdorp got to the scene as fast as they could and despite hard work lost the spoor at a tar road.

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A suspect matching the description of the assailant was spotted in Paradise Beach today (Monday) at around 11.00 am. He was chased into the bush by the local Neighbourhood Watch and unfortunately the sniffer dog could not trace the scent.

The CPF wishes to warn residents to be alert as the suspect is armed and is still on the prowl. The Neighbourhood Watches and the Police will be monitoring the situation closely and will be stepping up the patrols in the area.

Tuesday morning will see a legal march being held in Jeffreys Bay. The route is Goudehoop Road up to the primary school then down into Oosterland Street to the Municipality. Superintendent Ntsabo the station commissioner of the J’Bay Police Station said that anywhere from 300 plus people would be attending the march but that the Police had the situation well under control. Residents are advised to use alternative routes tomorrow morning to ensure there will be no congestion or traffic build up.

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