The perfect waves of Supertubes are once again set to host the specialty surfing contest – the Xcel Showdown At Supertubes. After an amazing first year in 2009, Xcel wetsuits are set to eclipse the inaugural event this year with a new website and a new format. The 2010 version of the Xcel Pro also has a new media partner in ZigZag magazine.

The waiting period for the event is the entire month of May, with just one day needed to run the event to completion. May is a good month for Supertubes, and solid swell combined with offshore winds is not uncommon. Last year the contest was blessed with one of the best days of the year, and incredibly long barrel rides were the order of the day.

The Xcel Supertubes Showdown is an invite-only event, with a selection of Supertubes specialists and locals invited to compete in the event. These surfers are from all walks of life, and are not your typical professional surfer.

They are Jeffrey’s Bay locals who dedicate their lives to surfing Supers whenever they can, and in so doing have proven their skills in threading the perfect barrels of Supers.

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Youngsters like Dylan Lightfoot will be keen to have another crack at the Showdown after an impressive debut at the 09 event.  Lightfoot made the semi’s and with another wave season under the belt, will want to have a full go this year, provided he cracks the nod as an invitee that is.

Dylan Lighfoot has been spending time getting acquainted with big Supertubes barrels in preparation for the Xcel Showdown at Supertubes. Photo: Koffie Jacobs

There will be a lot of competition amongst the Supertubes locals for an invite to the locals only contest.  Just looking at last year’s lineup it’s plain to see that the surfing royalty of Jeffreys Bay made it into the top 16.  Supertubes maestro Warren Dean has been training hard and is looking more buffed than he has in years while Ryan Payne will be determined to defend his title.  There are even rumours that JBU head honcho Koffie Jacobs may surf the 2010 Showdown at Supertubes.

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=supertubes+jeffreys+bay&iid=3473834″ src=”2/f/9/c/The_Billabong_Pro_3df7.jpg?adImageId=11559881&imageId=3473834″ width=”500″ height=”333″ /]

(Above: Not even somebody like former Billabong Pro title holder Mark Occhilupo would get an invite to the Jeffreys Bay locals only surf contest.)

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