1. OPENING AND WELCOMING: Meeting commenced at 18h00.  Pastor Mercy Cwayi opened with prayer.

The Chairman welcomed all present and invited members to engage the CPF and Police Members on any matter.  By doing so only strengthens the ties of this joint committee.

2.  APOLOGIES:      Inspector Petra Els (Leave)

Marj Heyman

Dolf Hendriks


Proposed as a true reflection by Brenton Williams and seconded by John Wiehahn


4.1    Crime Statistics: –

4.1.1      Insp. van Schalkwyk was not present to report on Crime Statistics as she was attending a Crime Intelligence meeting.

4.1.2      Supt. Ntsabo reported that Property Crimes have reduced substantially.

4.2    Reports from Sector Managers

4.2.1      Sector 1:-

  • Inspector van Taak:-  Shoplifting at the Fountains Mall was the only problem being experienced at present.
  • Brenton Williams, on behalf of the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch, requested that joint crime prevention operations recommence on a monthly basis.
  • Johan Wiehahn reported an increase in the number of “work seekers” walking the streets of Paradise Beach.  He added that this needed to be addressed as past experiences had shown that this normally precedes a “crime wave” in the area.
  • Brian Muir complimented the Jeffreys Bay SAPS on their prompt response to his call while on duty a month ago.  Mr. Muir reported a suspicious looking vehicle and within 5 minutes, 2 police vehicles were on the scene.

4.2.2    Sector 2:-

  • Inspector Hayward:-  Contact Crimes remained a major problem.  The patrol groups are assisting.  18 members in the patrol group and the numbers are growing.  The amount of Shebeens in the area is a major problem influencing crime.

4.2.3      Sector 3:-

  • Inspector de Lange:- Comparing 2008 to 2009 figures there were 76 less cases less reported in 2009 on Station Priority Crimes.
  • 43 less house breaking residential in 2009 and 29 less theft out of motor vehicle
  • There had been a slight increase in crime in the CBD but arrests had been made.
  • When asked by Brenton Williams what could the drop in crime be attributed to, Inspector de Lange explained that the C-Place Neighbourhood Watch is extremely effective with a good network between the residents.  Residents are not negligent and take care of their things.
  • Inspector de Lange added that Car Guards do contribute something to assist in combating crime.

4.2.4    Sector 4:-

  • Inspector Potgieter:-  December and January had seen an increase in house breakings.  On a positive note there were 17 less in January thanks to the co-operation of Capt. Botes and Supt. Ntsabo.
  • With the economy improving, building sites are starting up again with migrant labour, which often leads to an increase in crime.
  • Brenton Williams pointed out that although the “Bosslaapers” were still a problem at Supertubes Park .the police were responding to calls.  He thanked Inspector Potgieter for his assistance in this matter.


5.1      Supt. Ntsabo:-  :- Internal enquiry regarding policeman not  reporting cases of abuse to Trauma Centre.

5.1.1      Supt. Ntsabo explained that in cases of rape and abuse a lengthy process needs to be followed before the Trauma Centre is notified.  For instance, the victim needs to be taken to the District Surgeon in Uitenhage. The charge office will first call the inspector in charge of such cases and the Trauma centre will only receive notice after all the necessary procedures have been followed.

5.1.2      It would help if the Trauma Centre were on the same premises as the Police Station.

5.1.3      Pastor Mercy added that progress is being made with regard to communication between the Police and the Trauma Centre. The sooner the victim can receiver counselling the better.  It is a critical factor.

5.1.4      When asked why Jeffreys Bay does not have it’s own District Surgeon, Supt. Ntsabo replied that this issue is being raised at the Justice Meetings.

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5.2      Capt. Botes:- Problem of the street children’s stray dogs:-

5.2.1      Inspector Hayward:- had investigated and found that the alleged complainants had in fact never complained.  He had spoken to the Joshua Project and they

assured him that the dogs would not go into town with the street children anymore.

5.2.2      Supt. Ntsabo reiterated that this is a social crime prevention problem and not a police problem.

5.2.3      Inspector Hayward reported that, in his opinion, the Municipality is not interested in the Car Guard problem and that it would be in the best interest of the Police to leave this project.

5.3   Supt. Ntsabo:- Correspondence received from the Wavecrest Neighbourhood Watch

5.3.1      Supt Ntsabo reported that this matter had been raised at the Accountability meeting held at the Newton Hall last month.  The sector Manager for Wavecrest should have received any correspondence first, not Brenton Williams, i.e. protocol should have been followed.

5.3.2      According to Supt. Ntsabo, this matter has been resolved.

5.4    Inspector Potgieter:- Supertubes Car Park

5.4.1      Inspector Potgieter reported that police inspections were done on the 13th, 16th, 19th and 21st of February.  2 Vagrants were arrested.

5.4.2      8 people were found to be living in the bush area at Tecoma Street after losing their place of residence.  Mr. Ewald Olckers is holding observation over them.

5.4.3      Sipho Simamane asked that the housing department be contacted to try and find houses for these people.


6.1      Carl Trahms felt that the Municipality needed to be taken to task by the CPF regarding various issues and their lack of attendance at CPF meetings.  Everyone agreed.

6.2      The Chairperson reported that he had made contact with the Mayor regarding a meeting between the Municipality and the CPF.  The Mayor agreed to meet with the CPF once the move from Humansdorp to Jeffreys Bay of the municipal offices was complete.

6.3      Supt. Ntsabo appealed to the CPF for their assistance in combating crime in Sector 2.  He recommended that 2 Imbizos be held where the police and CPF engage with the people.

6.4      Carl Trahms kindly volunteered to organise an open-air show as a strategy for an Imbizo.

5.1      Mr. Brian Muir referred to the Minutes of 5th October 2009 where he had enquired about the lack of signs between Aston Bay and Jeffreys Bay warning the public of possible muggings.  Capt Botes proposed that when the CPF meet with the Municipality they should address this.

5.2      Brenton Williams, on behalf of the Aston Bay Neighbourhood Watch, requested from Supt. Ntsabo that Crime Prevention Operations recommence.  Supt. Ntsabo replied that this was not a problem and that Cluster Operations are going to be held once a month from 2nd week of March.  Crime Planning Analysis will however determine the hotspots.  Supt. Ntsabo to liaise with Brenton.

Gladys Bezuidenhout closed in prayer

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