The Jeffreys Bay Sea and Landscape Artists

There is a strong creative energy in Jeffreys Bay that is steeped in the history of the town. Artists abound in Jeffreys Bay, situated on the Southern tip of Africa and have ever since the arrival of the age of surfing in the erstwhile fishing and small holiday village. Once the waves were discovered however, the growth of Jeffreys Bay was rapid, culminating in it gaining the dubious distinction of being the fastest growing town in South Africa.

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(Above: Many artists in Jeffreys Bay gain their inspiration from the perfect waves at Supertubes.)

Whilst lots of Jeffreys Bay’s innocence and vibe has been lost over the years through growth and development, it is still the home of a thriving surf culture and the waves that continue to peel down the point ensure that J’Bay doesn’t entirely lose its soul.

"Ocean Dreams" a seascape by Stephen Bibb captures the essence of Jeffreys Bay.

Well respected landscape artists like Gawie Cronje settled in Jeffreys Bay and produced high quality land and seascape painting that grace the walls of many a South African home. Cronje is one of those undiscovered South African “Old Masters” artists, whose works will become more treasured and valuable in time to come.

South Africa has a strong tradition of landscape art with impressions from the early travelers like Thomas Baines becoming a record of the discovery of a new land.

South African artists like J.H. Pierneef, Jan Volschenk , Gabriel De Jong, Adriaan Boshoff and Gawie Cronje took this tradition into the 20th century with paintings of farm houses and mountains paying tribute to the tradition.

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Jeffreys Bay artist Gawie Cronje with a painting that upholds the tradition of South African landscape artists

Jeffreys Bay artists Stephen Bibb, Martin Bakker and Yvonne Robinson are an example of those who are adding a new dimension to the South African art experience.  These artists paint seascapes, otherwise known as surf art. Bibb is well renowned for his paintings of dolphins and the line up at Supertubes became a source of inspiration to him and the other artists.

Golden sunrises over the sea and majestic Supertubes line ups, stacked with waves to the horizon, have been painted in various mediums like oil, acrylics and etchings. Billabong South Africa’s founder Cheron Kraak set up shop in Jeffreys Bay meant that many of these works of art found their way onto the market as prints and onto t- shirts and posters.

An oil paiting by Martin Bakker which is being used as the official artwork for the 2010 Xcel Pro surf contest in Jeffreys Bay

Martin Bakker has produced epic etchings of the various surf breaks in Jeffreys Bay and has also painted some incredible seascapes of the beaches in the town including a memorable oil painting that depicted the Supertubes Park in it halcyon days. Some of Martins works can be viewed here

Yvonne Robinson likes to capture the old Jeffreys Bay resplendent with Kombi’s and uncrowded waves that remind one of a bygone era that many remember and even yearn after. For an example of Yvonne’s painting take at look at her website here

Stephen Bibb recently moved into painting seascape in oil and the results have been impressive. Highly regarded for his paintings in acrylic depicting the Jeffreys Bay seascape his move into oil paintings will thrill his adherents worldwide.

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