The proposed site of a new nuclear reactor requires a 16-km “exclusion zone” for development and this requirement has been deliberately built into the latest recommendations of the Kouga Spatial Development Framework (SDF).  The Kouga Municipality controls the towns like well known tourist towns of Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay.

The brand-new restrictions on development are designed to prevent the development of hospitals, old age homes and to restrict the building of schools in all areas within a 16 km radius of the site at Thyspunt, near Oyster Bay.

The unspoilt coast line at Thyspunt which is set to be destroyed to house a nuclear power plant
The unspoilt coast line at Thyspunt

Approved by the Kouga Council last year, these new land-use principles have been designed to entrench the viability of the Thuyspunt site for a new nuclear power station. National Chairman for the Coalition Against Nuclear Energy (CANE), Mike Kantey said “it is hard to understand why the Kouga Council has approved these recommendations when no such authorization has been granted by the Minister of Water & the Environment in a Record of Decision at the end of a legitimate and participatory Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Nor has a license been issued by the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR). We don’t even know what reactor type we’re talking about and how big the electrical output will be.”

Thyspunt is an important heritage site in South Africa with many shell middens and khoisan tools

The Thuyspunt site, west of Cape St Francis has been acquired by ESKOM for possible future nuclear-power generation purposes. As a result, the Kouga Coast Sub-Regional Structure Plan has been replaced by the recommendations of the SDF.

The following land-use changes apply: * Any proposed changes to current land uses, in terms of standard rezoning procedures within the 16km monitoring and emergency zone, must be brought to the attention of Eskom Nuclear Sites Department at Koeberg Nuclear Power Station, for their consideration and comment.

* Urban expansion of Oyster Bay and Umzamowethu, which falls within the 0-5km zone should not be permitted.

* The provision of a small school (without a hostel) to cater for local children may be supported in Oyster Bay.

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* Institutional land uses such as prisons, old age homes and hospitals that may result in the concentration of a resident population should not be developed within 16km of the Thuyspunt site, because of potential evacuation difficulties.

* No new food processing plants to be allowed to be developed within the 16km; and

* Agricultural activities to be monitored within 16km.

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(This is what Jeffreys Bay could look like after a nuclear power plant has been built at Oyster Bay)

“Like the highly successful Save Bantamsklip Campaign in the Overberg region, It is up to the citizens of Humansdorp, Jeffreys Bay, St Francis Bay, Sea Vista, Oyster Bay and Umzamowethu to join forces with the Supertubes Foundation, F.A.S.T., the Kromme Trust and the St Francis Ratepayers Association, and oppose this choice of a site for an unwelcome nuclear power station.”

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