Crime decreases in Jeffreys Bay

Hard work by the Police and other role players has led to a decrease in crime in Jeffreys Bay over the past month.

House breakings and assaults have both shown a decrease.  This is due to a task force that has been operational in Wavecrest and the effectiveness of the foot patrols that are taking place in Ocean View on a regular basis.

House breakings do however remain a problem in Wavecrest and the Cedar Street area is once again being targeted.  The other sectors remain relatively quiet while assaults are still occurring in the Pellsrus/Ocean View suburbs.

It has been proven that the majority of housebreakings occur due to inside information.  Make sure you do reference and background checks on your domestic workers.  Ask for I.D. books and check with the Police if you suspect anything is amiss.

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 The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) is still receiving complaints about the service received from the Charge office at the Police Station.  Please report any problems you might have to the CPF so that  the matter can be taken up with the management of the Police station, who are trying to sort out the problems that do occur.

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