United States threatens world peace says ANC

The African National Congress will hold its National Congress this weekend and will discuss a number of policies for adoption.

Amongst them will be the ANC’s international relations policy, which puts blame on the United States of America for threatening world peace.

USA flag

The ANC policy documents states:

“As progressive forces our immediate task is to constantly work towards building an alternative world that would create a fair, just, equitable and better environment for all the people of the world.

The US does not appreciate the resurgence of China and Russia as dominant factors in the arena of international power relations.

It has instead declared a cold war against these two emerging world powers.

Its destabilisation strategy against China is on three fronts:

The US is bent on portraying China as the world’s worst polluter and a threat to the environment with the intention being to suggest that China is but a paper tiger whose economic rise is not sustainable.

The US, backed by its ideological apparatus, has tried a repeat of the Tiananmen Square against the Chinese government by parading to the world counter revolution as a popular uprising and counter revolutionaries as human rights activists.

The US is exploiting China’s dispute with some of its Asian neighbours over the North and South China Sea islands to rally these neighbours against China, including trying to build an anti-China alliance of Asian satellite states that will take its orders from Washington.

Isabeau Joubert family

Russia has not been spared the wrath of US-led Western imperialism.

As with China, the Russian leadership is constantly being portrayed in the Western media and official discourse as monsters abusing human rights.

As with China, counter revolutionary demonstrations and marches are being staged and given huge publicity in the Western media in order to destabilise and/provoke the Russian government.

Whatever genuine concerns may exist within the Russian population and populations of former Soviet Union, there is a clear plot to exploit this in order to contain the rise of Russia globally.

It is an encirclement strategy that seeks to isolate Russia in the manner that is being attempted on China as well.”

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