• Electricity blackouts for Jeffreys Bay

    As winter arrives, Jeffreys Bay residents can brace themselves for an increase in electricity charges as well as rolling blackouts that will have an impact on everybody. Eskom has been warning for months that power consumption will exceed supply and there will simply not be enough power for everybody. Each municipality has been tasked with […]

  • Guest house broken into again

    An upmarket Wavecrest guest house was broken into in the early hours of Thursday morning. Nobody was harmed during the incident. At 3 am the owner of the guest house heard movement but thought it could possibly be guests. “I did have a bad feeling about it though as we were broken into last week […]

  • Dog saves the day in Wavecrest

    An attempted house robbery was thwarted on Wednesday morning by an alert dog who chased the would be criminal away. The robber had already gained access to the Wavecrest guest house in the early hours of Wednesday morning before he was discovered. “This is the third time this year that robbers have been in my […]

  • Wavecrest still a crime hot spot area

    The July crime stats reveal that the general decrease in criminal activity in Jeffreys Bay continues. This trend started in 2009 and can be attributed to hard work by an under resourced Police Force, strong Neighbourhood Watches in the various suburbs and an active Community Police Forum (CPF). However, house robberies remain a constant problem, […]

  • More House robberies in J'Bay

    Residents are urged to be vigilant and to secure their properties as more house robberies have taken place in the town. The most affected suburbs are Wavecrest and Marina Martinique. A property in Kruisbessie Street, Wavecrest was recently burgled. Suspects gained entry through the front window and forced the burglar bars open. Stolen items include […]

  • Wavecrest residents asked to secure their homes

    The Jeffreys Bay Community Police Forum (CPF) has requested residents of Wavecrest to properly secure their homes before going to bed at night. Although housebreakings have seen a considerable decline in the past month, there have been a couple of breakings in Red Current street. “We are way below the monthly average of over 40 […]

  • ATM bombings on the rise

    The South African Police has requested that the public be vigilant around ATM’s as attacks on cash machines is on the rise across the country. National police commissioner General Bheki Cele identified detonators, explosive gel, plastic explosives and cortex cable as some of the explosives used in recent ATM bombings. “Members of the community are […]

  • Beware when locking your car with a remote

    The Jeffreys Bay Police arrested suspects in the town yesterday with a device that neutralizes a vehicle’s central locking system. The device is well known in the Gauteng region but is the first time it has been found in Jeffreys Bay. Warrant Officer Petra Els from the J’bay Police said that residents must make sure […]

  • Woman attacked in Mimosa Street

    Jeffreys Bay Police are seeking for two suspects who attacked a woman in Mimosa Street, Wavecrest this morning as she was hanging her washing out to dry. Community members as well as the Police were quick to react and a number of vehicles were patrolling the area shortly after the incident occurred. Two suspicious men […]

  • Crime down but still problems in Wavecrest

    It has been generally a quiet week in Jeffreys bay crime wise, with Aston Bay, Paradise Beach and Marina Martinique having minimal reported crime. The center of town is also relatively calm, with most of the housebreaking’s occurring in Wavecrest. However, it appears as if the problem is being contained at present. Pellsrus/Ocean View is […]

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