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    Elon Musk to build Gigafactory in Cape Town

    Elon Musk and Tesla plan to build a gigafactory in Cape To to produce Powerwall batteries, sufficient to power an entire home using solar energy. This could well make nuclear power obsolete in South Africa. The Tesla Powerwall for residential use comes in two models, 7 kWh and 10 kWh, and both are set to […]

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    Tesla Powerwall prices and launch details for South Africa

    Dako Power, a distributor for SolarEdge in South Africa, has told customers it will sell solar power kits with the Tesla Powerwall starting from January-March 2016, but that the first batteries could be in the country before the end of 2015. Initially, it only plans to sell Tesla’s home battery system as part of solar kits that include […]

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