• Jeffreys Bay
    Photo of the day – a quiet day at Supertubes

    After all the action at the JBay Winterfest, with the huge waves enthralling the thousands of spectators that crowded the beach during the JBay Open, Joey Nel captured this image of a quieter day at Supertubes. The JBay Open has been described as one of the best surf contests ever at Supertubes with 8 foot […]

  • Jeffreys Bay
    Photo of the day – Supertubes

    This is what has put Jeffreys Bay on the map and created an entire tourism as well as a retail industry in the town. Ever since Supertubes was discovered in the 1960’s and labelled as one of the best waves in the world, surfers from all over the planet have made the pilgrimage to come […]

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