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    South Africans oppose the Secrecy Bill

    Survey results released by Ipsos show that almost half of South Africans believe that the Protection of State Information Bill will limit media freedom and will make it easier to hide corruption and fraud. Parliament’s public consultation process on the Bill showed that South Africans are overwhelmingly opposed to the Secrecy Bill being passed in […]

  • Stop the Secrecy Bill from becoming law

    The current Secrecy Bill violates the freedoms South Africans won in 1994. A bill that criminalises the possession & disclosure of information that is in the public interest has no place in our democracy. It will be used to cover up corruption, unlawful behaviour & inefficiencies. The Secrecy Bill will enable the abuse of state […]

  • Stop the Secrecy Bill now!!

    South Africa witnessed an epoch-defining moment last month when the ANC rammed the Protection of State Information Bill (POSIB) through the National Assembly. Black Tuesday will one day be seen as a turning point in our democracy. Whatever happens in the months ahead, 22 November 2011 will be remembered as the day that the ANC […]

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