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    Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder – not culpable homicide

    The Supreme Court of Appeal has replaced Oscar Pistorius’s culpable homicide conviction with murder, ruling that he should have foreseen the deadly impact his four bullets would have in a small bathroom. “He fired four shots through the door and he never offered an acceptable explanation… he fired not one, but four shots… that is […]

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    FAQs on the Oscar Pistorius trial

    Here is a list of FAQs to help familiarise you with the South African justice system in relation to the Pistorius trial. 1. What is Pistorius being charged with? Pistorius is facing charges of premeditated murder and the illegal possession of ammunition after shooting Reeva Steenkamp, his partner, to death through the closed bathroom door […]

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    Oscar Pistrorius to remain behind bars

    The State intends to charge Paralympian Oscar Pistorius with pre-meditated murder after the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court heard on Friday. Pistorius’s murder case was postponed to February 19 in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court, after a highly charged first appearance today. He will stay in police custody at the Brooklyn […]

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