• Greenpeace joins call for Nuke free South Africa

    Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan has eventually admitted what many countries around the world already believe; atomic energy is inherently unsafe and a danger to mankind and to the environment. “As I’ve experienced the March 11 accident at Fukushima, I came to realize the risk of nuclear energy is too intense,” Kan said. “It involves […]

  • No Nuke at Thyspunt says international surf community

    Residents are reminded that the Comment Period for the review of the Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR)  regarding the proposed development of a Nuclear Power Station at Thyspunt closes on 07 August 2011. Please  ensure that all comments on the report reaches the GIBB Nuclear-1 Public Participation office by no later than this date. The local […]

  • Eskom consultants under fire over nuclear plant

    No Nuke @ Thyspunt say local residents. By Bev Mortimer   Eskom consultants’, Acer, came under fire at the end of last month for ignoring the objections and feeling of residents through the building of a nuclear power station 10 kms away from St Francis Bay. Over 200 St Francis and J’Bay residents, who packed […]

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