• Jeffreys Bay
    Thyspunt Impact Studies are obsolete

    The Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) conducted to assess and predict the environmental consequences of a nuclear power station at Thyspunt are outdated cannot be used in support of the proposed trillion rand nuclear build programme, the Democratic Alliance says. The DA said on Sunday that this is yet another reason why Minister of Energy Tina […]

  • Plans for Thyspunt nuclear power plant are fatally flawed

    The Thyspunt Alliance made a presentation to the Kouga Council yesterday and highlighted a number of flaws in the Impact Studies that prove that Thyspunt is an unsuitable site for the construction of a nuclear power plant. Thypunt was selected as a potential site in the 1980’s by the government of the day who did […]

  • If you cannot control Nukes…..do not build them

    The catastrophe of the nuclear meltdown in Japan has brought home the stark reality of what can go wrong with a nuclear power plant. Jeffreys Bay sits exactly on the 20 km evacuation zone should an accident occur at a potential nuclear power plant at Thyspunt. A strong westerly wind would bring plumes of radiation […]

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