• The first shark attack in Jeffreys Bay

    23 April 2012 Nobody really thought about sharks while surfing Supetubes, the Point and Magna’s in the 1980’s. In Jeffreys Bay, we all thought there were only raggies in our waters and our fishermen mates who told stories of big gebe’s in the water were laughed off and were not taken seriously during a night […]

  • Xcel Pro To Go On Standby

    The month long waiting period of June starts off with a great looking swell predicted. Thursday 2 June has a clean groundswell forecast along with the early morning northwesterly turning into perfect south west winds later in the day. Although it is only a forecast, the charts do resemble Xcel events of the past, and […]

  • Surf community has fun in the sun to honour Manfred Kuttig

    The beachbreak at Checkers was a hive of activity on Saturday as the JBU organised Manfred Kuttig Memorial Day got underway in sunny conditions. Manfred, the son of old time locals Hardo and Heather Kuttig sadly passed away in 2003 and the surf community has paid its respect to Manfy by holding a fun day […]

  • In Memory of Manfy

    The Jeffreys Bay surf community will once again get together and have a fun day on the beach in memory of a fallen brother – Manfred Kuttig, who was taken away in 2003 and is sadly missed by many in Jeffreys Bay. The JBU surf club has held an annual family fun day in honour […]

  • Xcel Pro goes on standby

    The organizers of the locals only Xcel Pro surf contest in Jeffreys Bay have announced that the contest is on standby for Tuesday. Another call will be made on Monday morning. Koffie Jacobs the organizer of the event said the swell is looking good and if all the conditions remain the same, the Xcel pro […]

  • Xcel Pro on hold until next week

    Despite a building swell, the Xcel Pro Surf Contest organizers have decided to extend the waiting period into next week. According to contest director Koffie Jacobs, the swell size is looking promising but the wind maybe a bit too west for optimal Supertubes. “We are looking for a combination of the right swell direction and […]

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