• Lizzard win the Bloodscan in Jeffreys Bay

    Team Lizzard emerged victorious in the BloodScan Industry Cup division of the Jeffreys Bay Surf Challenge. Their team, comprising of Antonio Bortoletto, Casey Grant, Klee Strachan and Gavin Roberts, blasted their way through the earlier rounds, and at the end of the day accumulated enough points to claim the trophy. First place in the Industry […]

  • Jeffreys Bay Swim Challenge set to test open water swimmers

    There would not be many takers to surf Jeffreys Bay in late April wearing just boardshorts. In fact year round, most surfers would opt to wear wetsuits when surfing Supertubes, regarded as one of the best waves in the world. This could change as for the first time ever, a group of open water swimmers […]

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