• J'Bay surfers say: No Nuke on International Surfing Day

    The Jeffreys Bay surf community donned yellow and black T-shirts and hit the beach at Supertubes today to protest against the proposed building of a nuclear power station at Thuyspunt. Surfers are concerned that the building of the power plant will affect the waves due to the sand that will be pumped into the ocean […]

  • Great prizes for International Surfing Day

      20 June is International Surfing Day (ISD) and Zigzag Surfing Magazine has come up with some great prizes in the celebration of the Sport of Kings. Check out the categories and what’s up for grabs. Tell your connections, and get on it. Because the more of us participating, the stronger the message. In Jeffreys […]

  • Get tubed….Take a moment to reflect……Take action…. Have a jol.

      20 June is International Day of Surfing (IDS) and if ever a sport is worthy of such a day, it is surfing. The Sport of Kings originated in Hawaii and the fate of entire villages sometimes depended upon a surfing duel between the Royalty of the warring villages in the big powerful waves on […]

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