• Eastern Cape
    Arrests made after American tourists were hijacked

    Two men have been arrested for hijacking and robbing an American couple in Port Elizabeth while they were travelling between Port Elizabeth and Addo. The men were caught in bushes close to the Addo Road, Motherwell, on Thursday. Property belonging to the tourists was recovered, including a camera and memory card. The American toutists, Robert […]

  • South Africa
    Elderly couple fights off house robber in Durban

    An elderly British couple bravely fought off a burglar in the early hours of Wednesday morning. It is understood that a man in his seventies was confronted by a burglar in his kitchen after he woke up and went to get a drink of water. According to a Facebook post by SA Community Crime Watch, […]

  • News
    South Africans feel unsafe in their neighbourhoods – StatsSA

    A large number South Africans feel unsafe in their own neighbourhoods because of the fear that crime has increased, according to Statistics SA. StatSA’s Victims of Crime Survey 2014/15 found that 43.6% of households were of the opinion that the levels for both violent and non-violent crimes had increased in their areas of residence during […]

  • News
    Is South Africa safer since 1994?

    While the levels of certain crimes have dropped since 1994, increases in armed robbery, hijackings, sexual assault and drug related crimes have made it hard to determine if South Africa is a safer country, the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) said on Wednesday. “That is difficult to answer, because different trends run in […]

  • News
    Tips to Avoid Being a Victim of Cash Robberies

    With the increase in crime across South Africa, citizens need to become more aware to avoid becoming yet another crime statistic. Here are some tips to help. If you need to pay accounts, consider options that are lower risk instead of withdrawing large sums of cash. Apply the following tips to avoid being a victim: […]

  • Robberies increase by 250 % in J'Bay

    Residents of Jeffreys Bay were informed at the Community Police Forum (CPF) on Monday night that robberies have increased in the town by the staggering figure of 250 %. Unfortunately, because of the new way in which the Police provide the community with crime stats, there is no way in knowing if the figure of […]

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