• No Nuke at Thyspunt

    The majority of the wider Jeffreys Bay community are opposed to the building of one of the world’s largest nuclear power plants near Oyster Bay. How can this proposed nuclear power station at Thyspunt affect us? Danger: There are no safety guarantees from Eskom. Accidental radioactive fallout at Thyspunt would be potentially 5 times that […]

  • Stop Thyspunt Now!!!

    A battle has been won in the efforts to prevent Eskom from building the nuclear power plant at Thyspunt but the war continues as Eskom bulldozes ahead with plans and Impact Studies at one of the world’s most sensitive archaeological sites. The good news is that the South African government appears to have divergent views […]

  • Stop the Nuke at Thyspunt

    The Supertubes Surfing Foundation has been leading the way in conserving the beaches and public open spaces along the Jeffreys Bay beachfront for the past decade. Their success in the Supertubes Park in particular is easily visable and the car park at top Point has been transformed into a lush indigenous garden. Few can even […]

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